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SMS aggregator software - the choice for business from IntisTele

SMS aggregator software - the choice for business from IntisTele

If you are looking for a highly reliable solution that can help you manage your SMS traffic providers to optimize your costs and quality of service, you can stop looking. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the extensive set of functions of the global extension of the SMS gateway for sites and traders - SMS aggregator software, which supports up to 10,000 messages per second.

Sophisticated but easy-to-use software that helps traders by SMS aggregators to improve business efficiency and optimize their own work. Intis Telecom is able to offer its clients comprehensive SMS business consulting services so that you can use your investment with high efficiency.

The key to successful communication

SMS is ubiquitous and firmly entered the consciousness of billions of people around the world. People understand this and feel comfortable with it. The channel evokes a sense of urgency that email or social media can't touch. Every mobile device that supports a SIM card is at least capable of receiving SMS.

SMS gateway capabilities

Intis Telecom offers entrepreneurs a simple and functional software for creating and managing advertising campaigns. With the SMS Gateway Extension Platform, you can:

Create and send text messages over the Internet quickly and easily. No need to download or install additional software. All you need to do is register on the Intis Telecom website online, download the contact information of the message recipients, define the task, and you're done.
Connect any software that allows you to send SMS to our SMS gateway server. You will be downloading content directly from your website, online stores, online services, CRM systems and other digital platforms in no time.
Attract new customers using an expanded database of numbers, which is segmented by region and mobile operator.

Intis Telecom is the ability to launch large SMS campaigns in minutes. Inform customers about promotions and discounts. Let them know about updates, innovations and great deals. It is very easy to send messages over the Internet from the Intis Telecom platform or via API, automate the whole process from your website, application or CRM.

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