F-35 deliveries suspended by Pentagon

21.04.2018 19:50   новости авиации
The deliveries of the F-35 to the U.S. Department of Defense by Lockheed Martin are suspended, according to Reuters. Both parties are arguing over who should pay for the repair of a manufacturing flaw.

Passenger Terminal Expo highlights

Passenger Terminal Expo, which took place on March 20-22, 2018, in Stockholm, Sweden, welcomed more than 7300 visitors, 1402 delegates and hosted 385 speakers, with talks ranging from airport design, security and management to customer service.

Flynas inks $6.3B deal with CFM International for LEAP-1A engines

Flynas on April 10, 2018, signed an agreement with CFM International, worth $6.3 billion at list price, to acquire LEAP-1A engines for its 80 A320neo aircraft.

Boeing outsells Airbus in the first quarter of 2018

Airbus has fallen far behind Boeing during the last three months, both in orders and deliveries.

Want a top-notch web sales? Take advice from aviation start-up

The millions of media channels available online mean a fierce competition for online-marketers, forcing them to fight tooth and nail to attract clients and land big advertising deals. Even in niche sectors, boosting web sales is just as difficult.

Hypersonic flight technology gets boost from two industry giants

Boeing HorizonX Ventures and Rolls-Royce announced their investment in Reaction Engines, a UK-based aerospace technology company.

Now you can predict delayed flights with this app

It‘s less than 10 minutes till your flight is scheduled to leave, yet the boarding has not even begun.

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