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Personal Kiev Tours

Personal Kiev Tours

If you have visited Kiev on a short visit and want to learn about this beautiful city as much as possible, then Kyiv City Tour is the best way to use your time. In a matter of hours, specialists will show you the best places to visit, and in the location you like, you can return and inspect them later on your own. It is important to emphasize affordability, because the price of such a tour is only 68 euros per person, plus 10 euros for each next one.

Kyiv City Tour is a small family-owned travel company that perfectly knows the history, as well as the geography of Kiev and Ukraine as a whole. Accurate and accurate guides, professional drivers work here, as well as a generally well-built service. The main task of the company is to make sure that you do not just like the tour, but you also recommended it to your friends, friends and colleagues who want to visit Kiev. All you need to do in order to arrange a tour of Kiev is go to the official website, click on the appropriate “book now” button, fill out a short form and send it to specialists.

After that, you should wait for confirmation by whatsapp, email or viber for half an hour. After all the details, time and place have been agreed, you should wait for the guide by car. Payment here takes place in cash at the beginning of the tour. A fascinating three-hour tour will give you incredible emotions and impressions, so go right now to the above link and get acquainted in more detail with the offers of the Kyiv City Tour company. In addition to a three-hour tour of Kiev, here you can also be offered several interesting options.

For example, they organize excursions to the State Aviation Museum of Ukraine, the National Museum of Folk Architecture and Life of Ukraine, as well as much more. Hurry to go right now at the above link and get acquainted in more detail with all the information. The user-friendly interface of the site is built in such a way that you have as much information as possible and as few distractions as possible.

If you have any questions or problems with the preparation of the order, you can always contact the technical support service. In order to contact the operator, you can call the number indicated in the contacts section. Also you can write in whatsapp or viber. You will be surely provided with a full detailed consultation, as well as all the necessary information that will help you navigate and choose a convenient time for the tour.

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