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Introduction to Legal profession

Legal profession:

A consequence of the rule of law is the existence of a legal profession that is sufficiently autonomous to exercise the authority of an independent judiciary; The authority to assist a barrister in court proceedings derives from consequence - in England the function of a barrister or solicitor is distinct from that of a legal counsel. As per the statements by the European Court of Human Rights, the law should be easily accessible to every individual person should be forecast how the law affects them.

The practice of law is generally monitored either by an independent regulating body for example bar council, bar association, or law society, or by the government in order to maintain professionalism. Modern lawyers achieve specific professional recognition through specific legal processes (for example successfully passing a qualifying examination), a special qualification by law (a legal education that enables a student to become a law graduate, a graduate in civil law, or a judicial practitioner). One can also pursue or go for higher academic degrees. Some of these examples include a Master of Legal Studies, a Master of Laws, a Bar Professional Training Course, or a Doctor of Laws.), and are collected in office by legal types of appointment (being admitted to the bar). There are very few titles of respect that can be used to signify famous lawyers, such as Esquire, to symbolize barristers of greater dignity, and Doctor of law, to signify a person who has achieved PhD in law. One can easily understand the l1 visa definition at the inmigracion en houston by simply visiting the immigration lawyer houston.

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